Programming Resources


Spartan Programming Resources

Go to the Spartan category page to start programming in Arduino C or Blockly.


Lessons and Activities from Modern Robotics

Go to Modern Roboticd EDU for lesons and activities on programing Spartan and Android robots using MRI sensors.

Firmware Update  

FIRST Tech Challenge Resources

Get started with Android programming using the FTC resources.

Some products also have product-specific code on their product page.





Core Device Discovery

The Core Device Discovery application for Modern Robotics Core Control System allows you to view module information, test, and run most aspects of each module from your PC.

Link to Core Device Discovery Page


Core Control Module Troubleshooting Guide

This PDF will take you through troubleshooting steps for connecting your Core Control Modules to your Android device.

Last updated 12/4/2017. 595KB PDF File

Firmware Update  

Modern Robotics Firmware Update

Update your Core Control Modules to the latest firmware. Applies to Motor Controller, Servo Controller, Device Interface, and Legacy Module.

Last updated 6/28/2016. 268KB PDF File


Module Repair Service Form

If you have a damaged USB mini port or your Power Distribution Module only illuminates one LED and is not covered under warranty, use this form to repair your modules.

Last updated 2/10/2016. 248KB PDF File

Sensor Documentation

All the information you need about
Modern Robotics Sensors in one document.

Last updated 12/1/2017 PDF File

Top View

Core Control Modules and Sensor top View for Schematics

Use these files for your robot schematics.

Zip File

Sensor wiring for rev

How to connect MR sensors to rev


CAD Files

These zip folders contain STEP files which can be opened in many CAD programs including PTC CREOAutodesk Inventor, and SOLIDWORKS to design and document your robot.


Core Control Modules

Includes the Core Power Distribution Module, Core Device Interface, Core Legacy Module, Core Motor Controller, and Core Servo Controller. 

Last updated 10/25/2015. 1.69MB STP File


Modern Robotics Sensors

Includes the Integrating Gyro, Optical Distance Sensor, Touch Sensor (released and pressed), IR Seeker V3, Color Sensor, Range Sensor, Compass and Acceleration Sensor, and IR Locator 360. 

Last updated 9/28/2016. 375KB Zip File


Phone Mount

Includes the Modern Robotics Phone Mount.

Last updated 10/25/2015. 56KB STP File



Building Instructions


Build the Spartan hand following or line following robot. Everything needed comes in the Spartan Base Kit.

Last Updated 8/10/2016. 9.2MB PDF File


Matrix K9

This robot can be built using the parts included in the 2015 Matrix Competition Kit. It works well with the standard programs which com with the Android Studio release from FTC. Great for rookie teams.

Last updated 9/25/2015. 37.3MB PDF File



Requesting an RMA

To request a product replacement under warranty, use the Hardware Troubleshooting Guide above. This will assist us in narrowing down the problem and solving the problem sooner. When emailing us, be specific and technical. For example, "Our Legacy Module does not illuminate and Power Distribution Module only shows 3 LEDs. Our phone is connected and turned on." provides more information than "Our Legacy Module is not working." If you use the troubleshooting guide above, you may use the problem code and specify which modules you are using. Also include in the email a contact person (not only a team name), mailing address, and phone number.

If an RMA is issued, you will receive instruction to send the affected product to us. We typically send the replacement the same day your product is received although due to scheduling conflicts, the replacement may not be sent the same day.

The customer is responsible for mailing products to us. We will mail replacements to the customer using USPS Priority.





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