Spartan is a project to get affordable robots into the hands of students and teach programming concepts from day one in middle school through the university level. At the heart of the Spartan is the Core Controller with 26 motor, servo, and sensor ports allowing programs to interact with the robot's environment. The compact processor is Arduino compatible and has a mature and easy to use programming environment. Coupled with the versatile MATRIX building system, the Spartan can be configured to complete endless challenges. Spartan kits come with everything needed, ready to build and program a very capable and complete robot.



The Spartan Base Kit contains everything needed to build your robot and get it moving in its environment. This kit includes the powerful Core Spartan Controller, two Optical Distance Sensors, one Touch Sensor, one Program Control Button, two motors, two wheels with rubber tread, a caster wheel, rechargeable battery, battery charger, building components, and the tools to put it all together. All the programming tools, specialized Spartan programming libraries and software needed to create an Arduino development environment can be downloaded free and then you are ready to create and learn using the amazing Modern Robotics Spartan robot.


We support two programming languages for Spartan: Blockly and Arduino. Blockly is a drag-and-drop, image-based programming language. Arduino uses an intelligent text editor. Blockly is great for new programmers while not worrying about the nitty gritty and syntax. Arduino uses the C programming language which teaches programming structure, syntax, and more.

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Spartan Base Kit

The Spartan Robot Kit contains everything needed to build a working robot, including an Arduino compatible controller, motors, sensors and software.

Core Spartan Controller Kit

The Spartan Controller is a compact Arduino compatible robot controller with 26 ports. It is 100% compatible with the Arduino Uno and, with all the built-in hardware is the equivalent of an Arduino and 2 to 3 shields. Great value!
$79.95 $36.99

Program Control Button

Compatible with Spartan, Fusion and Arduino systems, the Program Control Button is a way to interact with your robot. This touch button and controllable LED are a convenient way to start and stop your program.

Color Sensor

The Modern Robotics Color Sensor detects the color of an object using reflected light or the color of light from an external light source. Great for detecting and tracking colored lines and determining the color of a lit object.

Touch Sensor

The MRI Touch Sensor is robust and enclosed in a housing for easy mounting. Great for installing as a limit switch or bumper switch.
$15.95 $9.75

Optical Distance Sensor

The Optical Distance Sensor, or ODS, detects changes in the distance from a target surface using pulsed light.
$26.95 $16.90

Integrating Gyro

The Modern Robotics 3 Axis Integrating Gyro returns the rate of rotation for the x, y, and z axes as well as heading information from the z axis.
$32.95 $20.00

Battery pack 6v

6v rechargeable battery pack for Fusion and Spartan controllers as well as other applications.

6v Battery Charger - US

6v Battery Charger for Fusion and Spartan Controllers. Can also be used for other applications.