Modern Robotics has an unmatched range of robotics products for education, competition and hobby use that includes controllers, sensors, building systems and accessories. 



Fusion Logo

Fusion is an innovative approach to a robotics controller.  Based on a Raspberry Pi 3, the Fusion's additional custom hardware supports motor, servo, digital and analog ports, along with other ports and can be configured, programmed and controlled via Wi-Fi using a web browser so there is no software to install and no cable connection or drivers required on you device.  Because it is accessed via Wi-Fi using a browser interface, any device such as a laptop, tablet, PC, etc that supports Wi-Fi and a browser can connect to and control the Fusion controller.  

Fusion is housed in a custom housing to protect the electronics.  No bare circuit boards to damage.

Modern Robotics has an extensive range of sensors that are all supported by the Fusion software and expand the flexibility of the Fusion system in STEM educaiton.

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Spartan Controller

The Spartan controller is an Arduino compatable controller that is programmed using the Arduino IDE.  Spartan has a range of digital, analong, motor, servo and other ports to make building and controlling a robot easy.

The Spartan can be programmed using Arduino implementation of C++ as well as the graphical language, Blockly.

The extensive range of Modern Robotics sensors can be used with the Spartan and the Fusion

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Core Control Modules

The Modern Robotics Core Controllers can be connected to a PC, Laptop or Android device via USB to create a powerful robotic control system.  The following USB enabled control modules are available

  • 12v motor controller
  • servo controller
  • Device Interface (sensors)
  • Power Distribution
  • LEGO sensor interface 

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Motor Controller


Modern Roboitcs has an extensive range of sensors that can be used with the Fusion and Spartan controllers as well as with Arduino and Raspberry Pi. The sensors are housed in custom enclosures to protect them from damage and no assembly is required so they are perfect for the classroom. 

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