HiTechnic manufactures a range of robotic sensors for the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT.

HiTechnic Sensors are based on industrial sensor technology developed by HiTechnic's parent company, Dataport Systems, Inc. Dataport has been supplying technology solutions to customers worldwide since 1986.

HiTechnic manufacturers sensors that are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and safety guaranteeing:

  • - Meet the highest quality standards
  • - Comply with all toy safety standards
  • - RoHs Compliant (certified lead free)
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360 IR Beacon

Transmit infrared signals to be detected by the IRSeeker sensors so your robot can estimate its position relative to the beacon. The beacon can be powered by a 9V battery or an external 9V DC power source such as the 9V Battery Box.
$44.95 $22.95

Infrared Electronic Ball

This IR Ball can be detected by the IR Seeker and IR Locator to create a great game of robot soccer or simply use it as an IR beacon.
$79.95 $49.00

HiTechnic NXT Extended Connector Cable Set

Extend your Mindstorms EV3 and NXT robotic designs with the HiTechnic Extended Connector Cable Set. Build creations with motors and sensors up to 3 feet (90cm) from the EV3 or NXT! For compact robots with motors and sensors close to the EV3 or NXT, use the short cables to eliminate coils of excess wire looped around your model. The Extended Connector Cable Set contains four cables in total, two cables shorter than the standard Mindstorms cables and two cables longer than the standard Mindstorms cables. Cables has standard EV3 and NXT style RJ12 plugs on each end. The set contains one cable of each length (Cable length includes connectors)
12 cm (4.75") - extra short
16 cm ( 6.3") - short
70 cm (27.6") - long
90 cm (35.4") - extra long
Standard Mindstorms cable lengths are 20cm (8.5"), 35cm (14.5") and 50cm (18.5").
$4.25 $1.75

HiTechnic NXT Touch Sensor Multiplexer

Connect up to 4 standard NXT Touch Sensors to one sensor port with the Touch Sensor Multiplexer. The HiTechnic Touch Sensor Multiplexer has 4 input ports where NXT Touch Sensors can be attached and a single output port to connect to the NXT. The state of each Touch Sensor can be read independently and a single read can determine the state of each touch sensor.
$28.95 $9.50

HiTechnic Experimenter's Kit A Components Set

The Experimenter’s Kit A Component Set including a comprehensive selection of electronic components to be used with the HiTechnic SuperPro Prototype board and solderless breadboard to construct circuits including those featured in the Experimenters Kit Handbook.

HiTechnic MiniScope

The HiTechnic MiniScope - a full featured dual channel digital oscilloscope with an auxiliary 4 channel digital input option. Includes:
  • MiniScope circuit board - small circuit board that fits directly into a standard breadboard; perfect companion to the HiTechnic SuperPro Experimenter's Kit
  • USB cable - allows the MiniScope board to be connected to a Windows PC
  • DVD - MiniScope Application with Application Guide; lets you view analog & digital signals & adjust the oscilloscope settings
$56.95 $26.95

HiTechnic NXT SuperPro Prototype Board

Create your own sensors and build your own electronic circuits with the HiTechnic SuperPro Prototype Board. The SuperPro Board is designed to plug into a solderless breadboard giving you the perfect platform to create your own NXT sensors. The HiTechnic SuperPro Prototype board connects to an NXT sensor port so your NXT programs can send commands to and read data from the SuperPro. NXT programming is easy with the HiTechnic NXT-G SuperPro Prototype programming block as well as with NXC, RobotC or LabVIEW. The SuperPro will also connect directly to a PC using its USB port for high speed I/O. With the SuperPro on-board program environment you can write programs on a PC using SuperPro C (SPC) and download and run your programs directly on the SuperPro. The SuperPro has 8 digital input/output pins, 4 analog inputs, 6 strobe outputs, 2 analog outputs, as well as two on-board LEDs.
$49.95 $26.95

HiTechnic SuperPro Experimenter's Kit A-SP

Build electronic circuits and develop NXT control programs with the new HiTechnic SuperPro Experimenter’s Kit. The Experimenter’s Kit Handbook contains detailed step-by-step instructions to build electronic circuits and custom sensors. All items you need are included in the Experimenter’s Kit including a comprehensive set of electronic components, a HiTechnic SuperPro Prototype board, solderless breadboard and jumper connector set. Programming is made easy with sample programs for NXT-G, LabVIEW, NXC and RobotC.
Note:This version of the Experimenters's Kit comes with the new SuperPro prototype board.

HiTechnic SuperPro Prototyping Sensor Kit

The NXT SuperPro Prototyping Kit provides a perfect base for you to start experimenting with your own electronic creations. The solderless breadboard included in the SuperPro Prototyping Kit allows you to build circuits by simply pushing component leads into the board and completing your circuit with the kit's jumper wires. The SuperPro Prototyping Kit contains:
1 NXT SuperPro Prototype Board
1 solderless breadboard 165mm x 55mm (6.5 x 2.1 inch)
1 set of 70 jumper wires with pre-bent stripped ends in a range of convenient lengths

HiTechnic SuperPro Solderable Extension

Build your own permanent electronic circuits with the SuperPro Solderable Extension board. Using the 14 x 24 hole prototyping area, you can build your own analog and digital circuits. The HiTechnic SuperPro (SPR2010) can be attached permanently to the Solderable Extension board or, if you prefer, make your circuits removable by using the header that is included.