Fasteners and Mechanical Parts

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4mm Hub Kit

This 4mm hub kit can connect wheels, gears, building components and more to Matrix axles. Includes: two 4mm hubs, eight 12mm M4, eight 24mm M4 screws, and two M4 set screws.

Axle Kit - Small

Attach wheels and gears with our solid stainless steel D shaft axles. Includes: four 28mm, four 52mm, two 80mm, two 132mm, & two 164mm

4 Hole Wheel Service Pack

Four 30cm diameter 4 hole aluminum hubs with four set screws.

4mm Axle Collar Service Pack

Secures to a 4mm D shaft axle using a set screw to prevent horizontal movement of axle or parts.

96mm Wheel Kit

Add mobility and traction with our 96mm tired wheels. Includes 2 tired polycarbonate wheels with zinc plated hubs & four set screws

96mm Wide Wheel Kit

Add serious traction to your Matrix robot with a pair of wide 96mm wheels. These wheels feature a super grip tire with aggressive tread bars that will grip any surface and aid in climbing over objects. The 96mm Wide Wheel Kit contains 2 wide wheels with hubs and all the required hardware.

Axle Adapter Pack

The Axle Adapter give the option of using Matrix axles and Lead Screws with non standard sized axles and motor shafts. The Axle adapter pack contains two Axle Adapters that connect 6mm axles and shafts to standard Matrix 4mm axles. Each Axle adapter has a 4mm hole at one end and a 6mm hole at the other end.

Axle Kit - Large

Attach wheels and gears with our solid stainless steel D shaft axles. Includes: four 28mm, four 52mm, two 80mm, two 132mm, & two 164mm

Bearing Plate Service Pack

Reduce wear, vibration, and friction by using these brass bearing plates for your high speed or high force applications. Slightly smaller hole diameter ensures that axles touch this harder metal instead of the softer aluminum used in the beams. Includes eight brass plates.

Caster Wheel Kit

Allows for multi-directional free movement. Includes: two 48mm caster wheels & four 8mm molded spacers

Dual Omni Wheel

Add the ultimate mobility to your robot with the 96mm Dual Omni wheel. The Dual Omni wheel has two complete wheels fully assembled and ready to install with 12 high grip rubber rollers. Includes 2 polycarbonate wheels with zinc plated hubs & set screw.

Fastener Kit

The Fastener Kit contains all the essential M4 screws and nuts used in MATRIX robots. Includes 200 8mm button head cap screws, 50 hex nuts, 200 hex nuts with tooth washers, 50 16mm button head cap screws & 25 hex nuts with nylon locks.

Gear Kit

These heavy-duty polycarbonate gears are made like bullet proof glass, built to withstand the rigors of competition. The metal hubs of the gears can be secured to a standard MATRIX D-shaft or motor using the included set screws. The polycarbonate plastic will mesh perfectly with LEGO® Technic™ gears without causing damage.

Joiner Block Kit

Secures multiple axles & can be used as a spacing block. Includes: two aluminum 3 hole joiner block with four 4.5 mm flat point set screws

Molded Spacer Pack

A collection of 8mm and 4mm spacers to enable you to build mechanisms and keep your design on the Matrix 8mm grid. Includes: 12 x 8mm spacers & 12 x 4mm spacers

Nylon Washer Service Pack

Washers can be used as spacers between various parts. Shoulder washers are used to protect LEGO® parts from direct contact with screws.

Quick Connect Service Pack

Connect your robot design with Quick Connect rivets in 3 sizes. Allows for fast builds without the use of tools, perfect for classroom instruction and demonstration. These quick connects can be removed by pressing the pin out from the back and then reused. Short quick connect perfect for two layers of metal, medium white rivet for three layers of metal and the long black rivet for connecting one layer of metal to a LEGO® Technic™ beam.

Standoff Spacer Service Pack

Zinc plated steel hex M4 stand-off posts. Includes 12 16mm posts and 12 32mm posts.