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2803 Series 1x1 M4 Screw Plate (24 pack)

3mm thick square screw plate

2803 Series 2x2 M4 H-Screw Plate (1 pack)

3mm Thick H Screw plate. 5 by 3 hole.

2803 Series 2x2 M4 Large Square Screw Plate (1 pack)

3mm thick screw plate. 39 x 39 x 3mm. 32mm diameter bore. M4 holes.

2803 Series 5x1 M4 Screw Plate (2 pack)

3mm Thick 5x1 hole screw plate. Contains two pieces.

Fastener Kit

The Fastener Kit contains all the essential M4 screws and nuts used in MATRIX robots. Includes 200 8mm button head cap screws, 50 hex nuts, 200 hex nuts with tooth washers, 50 16mm button head cap screws & 25 hex nuts with nylon locks.

Offset Attachment Block (Threaded)

Threaded attachment block for connecting components at 90 degrees. Pack of 4 pieces