Core Control Modules

The Modern Robotics Core Control Modules can be connected to a Computer or Android device to create a powerful robotic system. Any combination of modules can be connected so if a project requires 8 DC motors and 8 servos, 4 Motor Control Modules and 2 Servo Control Modules can be connected together with a Device Interface to support sensors and other devices.

Android Robot for the FIRST Tech Challenge

Using one Android device as user input and another Android Device to run programs on the robot, FTC Teams have been competing using the Core Control Modules since Fall 2015. Click below to find Robot Building Resources from FTC and Lessons and Activities at Modern Robotics Edu.

FTC Robot Building Resources   Modern Robotics EDU Lessons and Activities

Use Core Control Modules on a Computer

You can use the Core Control Library DLL to run the Core Control Modules on a computer. Click below to download the DLL and view the help file. Current version: 1.2017.155

Download DLL      Open Help File Online

Diagnostic Software 

Use Core Device Discovery to view module information and run tests. Simply connect your modules to your computer and power. Then launch the Core Device Discovery Program. Go Now

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Core Device Interface Module

The Core Device Interface has 26 ports to connect an array of sensors and devices that can be digital, analog or I2C input and/or output.
$67.95 $34.00

Core Legacy Module

The Modern Robotics Core Legacy Module provides a way to connect up to 6 LEGO® and HiTechnic® sensors and components designed for the LEGO NXT to an Android or PC based system.
$64.95 $25.00

Core Motor Controller

The Core Motor Controller has two motor channels to connect and control two 9 - 15 volt DC motors, with optional encoders.
$79.95 $39.90

Core Power Distribution Module

The Modern Robotics Core Power Distribution Module incorporates a 7 port USB hub and 6 x 12v power distribution terminals to support power and USB connections for up to 7 Core USB modules.
$89.95 $54.00

Core Servo Controller

The Core Servo Controller has a USB interface with 6 ports to drive up to 6 servos.
$69.95 $39.90

Robot Electronics Bundle

Get your robot moving with the Core Control Modules and accompanying sensors and cables with this bundle for 15% off the retail price. A $536 value.