Cal Sensors

Sensor Dimentionscal·vus
adjective (Latin) 
1. bald, bald-headed
"I first realized I was going calvus when it started taking longer and longer to wash my face."

Modern Robotics Cal Sensors come ready to use. No soldering or other components required. Mounting holes line up on an 8mm grid with up to 4mm screws.

Use the 3-Wire Female to Female Cable 3 Pack to connect Analog or Digital Cal sensors to your Core Device Interface or Spartan Robot.

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Cal Current Sensor

Measure current between -12.5A and 12.5A with an accuracy of 55mV/A.

Cal Gas Sensor

Detect a range of noxious gases with this analog sensor.

Cal Light Sensor

Detect ambient light with the Modern Robotics compact Cal Light Sensor! Small changes are detectable in light and dark environments.

Cal Magnetic Sensor

Detect magnetic fields. Great for your robot finding unseen targets.

Cal Potentiometer - 10K

Give user input by rotating the control knob. Generate signal from 0-5 volts.

Cal Solid State Relay

Switch circuits on and off at up to 300Hz using a digital port.

Cal Thermopile

Use IR to measure temperature from 0 to 100°C without touch.

3-Wire Female to Female Cable 3 Pack

Use this cable to connect Digital or Analog Cal Sensors to your Core Device Interface, Spartan Controller, or other sensor port.
$4.95 $2.50