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Encoder Extension Kit

This kit of four encoder extension cables will allow motors to be placed farther from the controller without losing encoder feedback. 25cm in length.

4-Port USB 2.0 Hub

Get three additional ports using this USB hub.

NeveRest Encoder Cable

Connect your NeveRest and similar motor brands with encoders to the controller for closed loop control. Check the price breaks for quantity purchases.
From $4.55

OTG Micro-to-A USB Cable

On-The-Go cable from USB micro to female USB A. Use on your FTC Driver Station, together with a mini USB cable on your Robot controller, or to transfer files form a flash drive to a Android phone like APK files. 6in in length.
$2.95 $1.50

OTG Micro-to-Mini USB Cable

USB On-The-Go Cable to connect the Power Distribution Module to the Android phone or tablet.
$6.95 $1.00

USB Mini Cable Kit

The USB Mini Cable Kit contains 2 USB cables to connect Core Modules to the USB hub.
$8.95 $3.90

Power Switch Kit

The power switch kit contains an on/off switch and wiring harness to connect between the battery and the MATRIX controller. The kit is fully assembled with a mounting bracket and wiring harness.

Powerpole Extension Cable Kit

50cm (19.6 inch) Power supply cable to connect between the Power Distribution Module to other modules that require 12v. Pack of two.

Powerpole to Bare End Power Cable Kit

25cm Power supply cable to connect between the Power Distribution Module and Legacy controllers. Pack of two.

Powerpole to Tamiya Power Cable

25cm Powerpole to Tamiya connector power cable connects a Matrix controller to a Power Distribution Module.

Powerpole Connectors 15A - 10 Pairs

Use Powerpole connectors to make custom lengths of power cables. Pack of 10 assembled, 15A Powerpole Connectors. Solder or Crimp to connect.

10ft 16 Gauge Zip Wire

Use this wire with our Powerpole connectors to make the perfect length of cable.

Sensor Extension Kit

Extend your sensor wire for a wider sense of the environment. 25cm in length. 3 3-wire extensions and 3 4-wire extensions.

Sensor Pigtail Kit

This kit of three 3-wire and three 4-wire pigtails are perfect for connecting your custom sensors to the Core Device Interface ports.
$6.95 $3.75

3-Wire Female to Female Cable 3 Pack

Use this cable to connect Digital or Analog Cal Sensors to your Core Device Interface, Spartan Controller, or other sensor port.
$4.95 $2.50