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12v 4mm Motor Kit with Powerpoles

12v 4mm DC motor with a built in encoder, encoder wire, and Anderson Powerpoles. Mounting bracket included.

12v 6mm Motor Kit with Powerpoles

12v 6mm DC motor with a built in encoder, encoder wire, and Anderson Powerpoles. Mounting bracket included.

Driver Station Kit

Mount your Android Phone to your Logitech Controller for mobility and control.

Firmware Update

Update your Core Control Modules to the latest firmware. Applies to Motor Controller, Servo Controller, Device Interface, and Legacy Module.

Phone Mount Kit

Specially designed phone mount to enable any size phone or tablet to be mounted on your robot. Set of 4.

Tenergy 6-15V NiMH/NiCad Smart Charger

Charge 6-15V NiMH or NiCad batteries. Switchable 1A or 2A. Input voltage from 110 to 240VAC. Auto cut-off.

12V 3000mAh NiMH Battery

This size battery is the most popular battery for use in FIRST Tech Challenge. It has a Tamiya connector and a in-line 20A fuse.

Storage Box

Stay organized and mobile with a storage box. Two divided cases and extra space on the bottom gives you organization for parts both small and large. Box latches securely and can be locked. While supplies last.

Servo 2 Pack

Two 42g, 58.3 oz-in, SC-0352 servos with horns and mounting screws. While supplies last.

360 IR Beacon

The 360 IR Beacon Transmits infrared signals that can be detected by the IRSeeker sensors so your robot can navigate to the IR Beacon position or estimate its position relative to the IR Beacon. The beacon has 6 IR emitters that transmit a coded signal and depending on the mode selected the signal will cover a full 360 degrees or 180 degrees. Mode settings allow you to select different signal frequencies and coverage. The IR Beacon transmits either a 600Hz or 1200 Hz signal allowing the IRSeeker sensor to distinguish between two different beacons. The beacon can be powered by either an internal 9V battery or by external 9V DC power source such as the 9V Battery Box.

Infrared Electronic Ball

This IR Ball can be detected by the IR Seeker and IR Locator to create a great game of robot soccer or simply use it as an IR beacon.
$79.95 $49.00

9V-6xAA Battery Box

The Battery Box can be used to power the 360 IR Beacon replacing the beacon's optional 9v internal battery with 6xAA batteries providing a long lasting power source. The battery box is complete with an ON/Off Switch and has a built-in self-resetting PTC fuse to protect the battery box and the powered electronics in case of a fault. Batteries not included.